Google Nexus 9 review: a glass half full

If you can’t await the OTA to arrive from Google (since it sounds like you can’t) and simply must have the Android 5.1 update on your Nexus 6 this very quick, I’ll walk you through it. It’s a brilliant simple procedure – just follow my guidebook on ways to get Android 5.1 Lollipop on the Nexus 6, right now with the latest factory picture: LMY47I.

At this price, we also know it won’t be a compact edition of the OnePlus 2 – that’s, the same specifications in a smaller casing – but that it will instead feature more mid-range specs compared to the current flagship. Our bet is on a specs sheet related to last year’s flagship One. Pei hinted as of this in a recently available Reddit AMA even, stating that the unannounced gadget isn’t the OnePlus 3 nor a successor to the OnePlus 2. A OnePlus 2 mini fits the bill perfectly.

The Galaxy S3 has some great hidden features that let you turn into a power user in ways far beyond what you would think. We’ve currently shared some simple concealed features of the Galaxy S3 but this time around, we’re sharing an integral service menu that enables you to test from your S3’s pixels to your sensors and touch responsiveness. If you’re the type of nerd who loves to get under the hood of your smartphone, this is actually the menu for you.

If you’re on Instagram then you’re probably following individuals who post the kinds of things you like. If they are followed by you, talk to them. When you can spark up a discussion with someone with an increase of followers than you, their supporters might click your profile to observe what you post and, if you have followed our first suggestion, this should lead to more followers in no time.

According to Gordon, basically offering the same experience on a square or circular view isn’t a good enough reason for HTC to add a ”me too” product to the market. When the HTC smartwatch does appear, he said, it will of training course feature amazing design and the thoughtfulness that HTC puts into its products to provide something unexpected and unprecedented. HTC wants to bring a product that will make a difference instead of just another wearable that essentially currently exists in various other forms. The nagging problem with these current offerings, according to Gordon, is normally that they don’t yet deliver what customers in fact want from the platform.